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Georgina. 18. Australia. Single.Come say hi :)Cheerscuntt.tumblr.com


Georgina. 18. Australia. Single.
Come say hi :)




Whatโ€™s the difference between america and yogurt?

If u leave yogurt alone for 200 years it will develop a culture

this was like the sickest burn Iโ€™ve ever seen



itโ€™s so cute how 5 seconds of summer named themselves after their career span



David Shrigley


David Shrigley

why do seniors get discounts tho? “hey thanks for ruining the economy for my generation here’s ten percent off hope you are enjoying all the social security i pay to you”????



Ikirรฉ Jones F/W โ€˜14 โ€œOf Saints & Savagesโ€

Photography by Rog Walker.

"To whom it may concern. This is a challenge to the zealously held belief that Africa is a monolithic village in need of perpetual saving. This is an open assault upon the delusions of those who cry endlessly of desolate stomachs and doorways darkened by disease. This is a public disavowing of all who think the cradle of civilization has nothing more to offer than unmolested raw materials and an army of open palms awaiting aid.

Further, this is a disclaimer that upon becoming dissatisfied with the myriad fictions which are daily presented to us as fact, we have henceforth resolved to tell our own stories. Loudly. No longer will we dine on a bounty of half-baked biases. No more will we sip from hoses gushing hypocrisy and hogwash. There are those who look past Africaโ€™s beauty in the hopes of seeing savagery; so that they may preen and posture as saints. We are the children of tomorrow. And we are here to assure that their disappointment awaits.โ€

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this is our life and culture. not a hobby.
we work for this.

Mr Jones, you never disappoint.


September 2014.

Photography by Jeana Lindo

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Smashing Pumpkins - Today
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Smashing Pumpkins, "Today"

"Pink ribbon scars that never forget,

Iโ€™ve tried so hard to cleanse these regrets.โ€


Maximiliano Patane - Book